Saturday, August 9, 2014

Leaving the 'Dell

There's a comfort that comes from the familiar. Like the warm summer breeze it just comes.
That's the feeling I get sitting on my back porch outside of New Orleans. Wind chimes are shimmying an "every-now-and-then" song.   Squirrels jump from the oak tree to the gutter scrambling after snacks. Somewhere a weenie dog sounds mad. The birds, some seagulls,. someone's air conditioner. White noise plays in the background. I'm not alone. I am in my own my space with a lizard going from green to brown to rust and he walks on the rust colored rug.  Colored like fall.
I am excited, affirmed, and anxious. I am at peace but I am scared. I am leaving this suburban utopia near the highway. It has has grown large enough to look like the New Orleans I remember when we moved out of New Orleans.
We are moving.
Seeking Live Oaks, Hills, Horses & Heaven. Up there if a guy walks out of the woods with a shot gun, you know that whatever he shot had four legs.
Buying the dream house in the country.