Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am a Southern Girl by Birth...

 ...and a native New Orleanian by the grace of Gawd. I've never considered myself a country girl. A southern girl yes, but not a country girl. That is until a month ago. My husband and I found our dream house rather by accident and left the suburbs that we fled to before we started a family. Situated about 75 miles north of New Orleans, it is a totally different world. A totally different vibe. A totally different speed. We are living in the country. 
I intend to savor every moment of every day and appreciate all of the little things. Here in the country where it's less crowded and there's more space it's easier to see the things that would have fallen between the cracks. Amidst the disorganization and frenzy of half unpacked boxes that litter my home, I am finding a gradual inner peace that has been locked away for quite some time. I want to make the next chapter of my life  mean more. I want to taste every taste. Appreciate the smallest if details. Welcome to the back porch the conversations are beginning.