Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Have Settled Back Into the Comfortable

I have settled back into the comfortable. 
I am back at home, working the normal routine of my daily life.
Stories dont come as easily here in the real world.
I look deeper and beneath the layers I rediscover the dearness of everyday simplicity.
It is after all, the time and ordinary happenings of the everyday that make up the sum of our lives.
No there isnt a waterfront view from my back porch, and no my back porch is not a balcony.
My back porch is the space between my living and the garden.
It has a warm breeze thrown by ceiling fan and is awash in the fragrance of someones blooming sweet olive bush nearby.
I take in the familiar and search deeper beneath the layers.
Here I am happy.
I am at home.

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