Monday, March 31, 2014

Keep Calm and Enjoy the Rain

 It's an annual rite of passage.  As predictable as Ash Wednesday following Mardi Gras Day.  Springtime in New Orleans means rain, rain and oh did I tell you that it rains a lot here in the spring?
It began raining that night and was still drizzling now nearly 24 hours later.  We received over 6 inches of rain on that 28th day of March 2014. My decision to purchase a Tahoe is affirmed by days like this.  I was reminded of this as I inched my way through streets that had become makeshift canals.  Other more practical cars were casualties of the day.  Gas efficient litter waiting for the receding waters to be towed. One or 5 days a year, I am proud of my decision to drive a gas guzzler that can serve as a rescue vehicle and ride high above the water line that the day draws on the streets.In South East Louisiana rain is a sure thing, like cayenne is red and the dome is super.  

The local news reports that the Mayor has mandated amnesty for citizens illegally parked on neutral grounds and sidewalks along previously flooded thoroughfares throughout the crescent city”.  

Yes, downpours and street flooding is expected. We are not shocked when they happen with spring thunderstorms.
I take days with rain in stride.  Be Calm and Enjoy the rain. 

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