Sunday, March 9, 2014


Beneath the sea lies the City that padded the walls of my youth. The city of lore. The City I love. 

I cannot just visit this place. When I arrive I am immersed in the sounds and smells of life. I am cloaked by the weight of years that are weaved into my history. I fall deeply into the thick, murky pool that  draws me further in. Time moves slower here.The tide rises and falls ~ setting tempo to the lives that dwell upon the sinking soil.The table is set for feasts and nights of long dancing.Recipes passed down from grandmother to grandchild..  Herbs and flavorings of strange names and hints of old remedies.

China with chips.Traditions older than memory of purpose.Cool drinks offered and passed around.Spirits mix with music and temperature and begin to drunken my soul.The humidity clings to my skin and brings the comfort of an old blanket.
I am content with the familiar feeling like an old inside joke.Life's happenings fall into place here. 

Beneath the sea in the city I Love.My Nola.       ~ymd

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