Friday, May 9, 2014

.•*¨*¨*• Bad Company singing Lunch to Us.

.•*¨*• Bad Company singing Lunch to Us  .
It's  brunch.  Really lunch time, but on Orange Beach time. Paul Rodgers is singing about the sky being silver, blue & gold. ••
 Here it is simply a magnificent Gray..•*¨*••*¨

Somewhere between flannel and smoke ~ but lighter and fluffier.. 
The sun is on retainer for another day and time.
The waves roll this morning on the Back Bay, 
constant and methodic rocking me through the day. Its marvelous how the air moves up here on the balcony above life.

Elton John is guiding me we have gone crazy lately.. my friends out there.. Sugar Bear.. butterflies are free to fly.   
Life is good. I am blessed.

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