Sunday, May 11, 2014

.•´♥¨`*•✿ riding shotgun on the way back towards New Orleans

“No need to turn on the G.P.S. I know where I am going.” Stephanie pulled off in the black Cadillac with Adelle riding shotgun on the way back towards New Orleans.

As Adele tells it; ”when we passed the giant ferris wheel, I realized that Stephanie’s measure of her knowledge far surpassed reality, and included no hint of spacial concepts”. .•´♥¨`*•✿

Stephanie entertains at times. Scathing wit.
Detailed knowledge about so many things…... things you wish you knew, but don’t because of the amount of random brain power it takes to retain it all.

Sista is geographically challenged and in denial about this deficit . The story Stephanie told was that to avoid hitting the car she drove off the road. ~
The cops had to tow her out of the ditch.

She can be such a pain in the ass.
High maintenance has a new face.
Jersey girl takes effort to love. But oh my god, her energy lights up a room.
She brings “Tastee Cakes” and “Crispy Cream” doughnuts to the beach.

So many good times are had with her somewhere in the picture. Love this one deeply.

Adelle explains “Several miles past the giant Ferris wheel, she saw she was Lossed.”
Stephanie said “I don’t remember that water, this pond, no this bayou".

As Adelle was plugging in her G.P.S. she cleared her throat by “saying…that's because we are going the wrong way.”
Stephanie says “yeah, but we can get there from here.”
Adelle replies “ yeah because we will now be using a G.P.S.”.

As Adelle was telling it, I saw one of my favorite story parts. Alice standing beneath Cheshire cat in the tree. Alice says:

Listening to Adelle’s tale I see with clarity and utter comedy the gifts these woman bring to my life.
Comedy and clarity.

Uniting some of my favorite sayings, drinks, songs, memories.

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