Monday, May 5, 2014

Sex in the Magnolias

I wrote us to be a modern telling of “Sex in the City” meets “Steel Magnolias’.
Different women .
Different childhoods.
Different ages and backstories.
Brought together by common threads of experience and ideals.
All grounded in friendship grown from offshoots of a job that spilled over into our personal lives.   
This lazy morning Otis Redding painted the background music like curtains in a big room..
We waxed poetically on the balcony overlooking the Bay in Orange Beach, Alabama..
The temperature showed mercy.  It was comfortable and familiar like a tepid bath.
I found comfort in the licking mellow breeze I felt on the back of my neck..
Coffee cooled and conversation drifted into the comfortable silence that only comes to longstanding relationships and friendships.
Night clothes became daytime lounging attire.  No rushing this spring day.
Enough time spent to get comfortable and allow the weave of the chair to imprint on the back of your thigh, .Shamelessly so.
That’s when we heard the heavy squeaking and tense rolling sound as the ropes sliding over the railing of the balcony began to tremble.
Fast is not a term loosely applied to the speed that I move. 
Fast is a term used when describing speed buy to purchase a Dooney & Bourke Purse from the shopping channel, but not used to the describe the time it takes to vacate an area of our presence.
The latitude of the 2 men on the scaffolding was raised in direct proportion to the speed that we used to get the hell off of the balcony.
The last thing that those young painters needed to see was “Sex in the Magnolias”. 
Like a scene from a John Hughes movie, we laughed ourselves silly as we drew the curtains between our nightshirts, underwear and the young unsuspecting painters.

Making Memories in Orange Beach, AL.

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